Official Music Video

Co-Direction, Video editing Giorgia Simeone, Co-Direction, Camera Operator, DOP Marco De Giorgi, Music LeSigarette!! – Lorenzo Lemme / Jacopo Ruben Dell’Abate Performer Eva Grieco

Two intense filming days in studio, to realize the idea of the Duo LeSigarette!! (Lorenzo Lemme and Jacopo Dell’Abate). They came to us with the straightforward idea to play the song in a space with no background and focus on them playing. Soon, I and Marco liked the idea and started to think how to give dimension to such a simple – yet not easy, concept. I started to sketch on paper and imagining them as simple shapes.

We decided to create scenes where the position of the musicians would fill the space and we could “play” with the depth of field to make the video more interesting.

Client: LeSigarette!!