Philosophy & Approach

Social media Support Animation

Mark and Zhenya, founders of Happy Folk, explain what is the philosophy and the approach used in the agency.

After interviewing Mark and Zhenya, I selected some meaningful part of their dialogue to create and animate this motion graphics work.

Credit: Happy-Folk Agency

Medline Logistical Services

Sales Tool Animation

Medline Logistical Services is an animation that serves as sales tool to Medline. It aims to clarify and illustrate the potential of Medline’s logistical services and ultimately sells their services.

The animation was produced in 7 different languages: English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German , for other locations of Medline Europe.

“Honorable mention at the Ragan’s Health Care PR & Marketing Awards 2018″

Client: Medline

Credit: Happy-Folk Agency

Pillole di sicurezza con Salvo e Protetta

E-learning Animation

Salvo and Protetta are the main characters of a series of animations, aiming to instruct the employees about the risks on the work field. Each episode explore the possibilities of getting harm at work on different type of jobs, and, advice to follow to be safe and improve health habits on the work position.

I worked on the creation of 21 episodes in total plus the intro (illustration and animation). I based the style of the design on the 2 main characters, that were already designed for a previous campaign.

Client: Several companies

Credit: Piazza Copernico